About us

Softbinator Foundation is a non-profit organization that through interaction, interest and passion raises performance standards throughout Romania’s IT community.

Who we are

Since 2012, we organize events to help programmers develop tech skills, share opinions, showcase what they are working on, and check out the epic things others are building.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the largest IT community in Romania and contribute to the growth of excellence through professional development events, networking and support for social projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is a big and strong IT community that will help Social Impact Startups from the tech industry to make a better world.

Our story

In 2011, Radu Amarie and Daniel Ilinca already had experience working as developers in different companies and found out that a lot of developers are not happy with the work they did and wanted to try or learn something more challenging, but they didn’t know exactly where to start.

The initial plan was to build a software platform for better matching developers expectations with companies needs and did it. For launching the brand new platform, Radu and Daniel did a big conference in 2012 (around 500 participants) that almost bankrupted them...

But magic happened, and that event was a success. There were two days of presentations, workshops and networking sessions where people were sharing from their experience and learning from each other. It was great watching them smiling and talking and they said:
"This is what we need to do! Events for developers, they need to meet, get away from their computers and talk".

In 2013, Gabriela Bejan (Ms Amarie in our days) joined Radu and Daniel and started to focus on building the largest community for software developers in Bucharest. This is when “Talks by Softbinator” started and they realized no matter what, Softbinator will represent an important chapter in their life.

In our days we have Softbinator Foundation as it is known by the tech community, a non-profit organisation to carry on what Gabriela, Radu and Daniel started. Creating a strong and engaged tech community around Talks events in all the country. The ambition of the foundation is that together with the community one day they can help Social Impact Startups from the tech industry to make a better world.


Radu Amarie

Radu Amarie Co-President

Daniel Ilinca

Daniel Ilinca Co-President

Gabriela Amarie

Gabriela Amarie Co-Founder

Dorin Minea

Dorin Minea Executive Director

Violeta Gaina

Violeta Gaină Project Manager Bucharest

Raducu Roman

Răducu Roman Project Manager Constanța

Raluca Poiana

Raluca Poiană Grafic Designer

Mihai Maruseac

Mihai Maruseac Ambasador

Caterina Apostol

Caterina Apostol Social Media Manager

Roxana Mocanu

Roxana Mocanu Community Manager

Andrei Constantin

Andrei Constantin Community Manager

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