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With a focus on uniting developers around the country in a community where people can connect and keep on learning we are also investing in start-ups that help’s Romania digitalisations in education, health system & innovation.

Talks by Softbinator

We created an event named “Talks” with purpose to gather awesome people on a biweekly basis, to talk about what’s new or interesting in IT. The concept was started in February 2013, and since then, we couldn’t stop. Usually, there are two speakers per event who, for 30 minutes talk about their ideas, new gizmos or technologies, solutions for common yet difficult issues, followed by a short QA session.

We dedicated a Facebook group especially for “Talks”, where we announce the events, details about the speaker and their presentations. Also we are posting quality content and of course who want to publish interesting and helpful articles, news or things related with the IT field, is welcomed to do that if the posts are relevant for the community.

Talks by Softbinator

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After every event, we upload the talk on our YouTube channel, so you can watch it, even if you cannot attend the event in real time.

Our belief is that programming is more than writing lines of code! To us, it’s an art that keeps growing and that has a lot to say. So, let’s get the tech talks going!

"Talks by Softbinator" events were initially organized in Bucharest and since 2019, have been extended to other cities like Brasov and Constanta. The Foundation has full rights over the "Talks by Softbinator" brand.